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Vasectomy Specialist

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Male sterilization is the choice of more than eight percent of those using birth control in the United States. The doctors of St. George Urology in St. George, Utah offer no-scalpel vasectomy, a procedure with fewer potential complications than traditional techniques. If you’re looking for a safe, effective and permanent birth control method, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Vasectomy Q & A

How does a vasectomy work?

A permanent form of birth control that blocks the release of sperm, vasectomy involves interrupting the vas deferens, the tube through which sperm move from the testicles, where they’re made, to the body where sperm mixes with semen prior to ejaculation.

Each testicle has a vas deferens tube which is cut and sealed during the procedure. Traditional methods involve small incisions on each side of the scrotum, through which the vas deferens is accessed, cut, and sealed. Sperm no longer have a pathway into the body, prior to reaching the seminal vesicles and prostate. Sperm continue to be manufactured, but, with nowhere to go, these are eventually reabsorbed by the body, as they would be if you didn’t ejaculate for an extended period of time.

Traditional vasectomy procedures typically take about 30 minutes, and these can be performed in the offices of St. George Urology by your caregiver. No-scalpel vasectomies are also available through St. George Urology.

What is no-scalpel vasectomy?

The vasectomy is a simple and safe procedure that’s performed over half a million times each year in the United States. Though traditional vasectomy methods are relatively uncomplicated, the no-scalpel approach represents a refinement to the procedure that creates the same interruption to the vas deferens, but with less trauma for the patient. This typically results in less pain and fewer complications for you after your procedure.

A special tool creates a small puncture in the scrotum, rather than an incision. This results in less bleeding and fewer complications than traditional methods, while retaining the same rate of effectiveness as older methods.

What can I expect after a vasectomy?

The day of your procedure, plan on resting on your back after treatment, applying cold packs to your scrotum occasionally, to reduce swelling. You’ll likely experience minor pain once the anesthetic wears off. You can return to work in a few days, unless it involves heavy lifting, which should be avoided for about a week.

You can resume having sex whenever you feel comfortable, but keep in mind that sperm can remain in your system. Use other forms of birth control until your sperm count tests at zero.