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Vaginal Health: Is it Really THAT Easy?

From skeptic, to believer. That describes my transition as I have watched the MonaLisa Touch laser change lives over the past 6 months. Read on if you have, or anyone you know, has any of the following symptoms:

-Vaginal dryness

-Pain with intercourse

-Recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI)

-Urinary incontinence (leaking)

-Vaginal itching or burning

Vaginal atrophy is the medical term given when vaginal tissue is deprived of the beneficial effects of estrogen. This can occur with menopause, but can also occur after removal of the ovaries or with treatment for certain types of cancer (including hormone-sensitive breast cancer). Lack of estrogen causes vaginal tissue to become thin, less elastic, and dry. The body loses its protective acid-base balance and normal bacterial presence.

These changes open the door for problems. Thin, dry skin results in vaginal burning and itching. Intercourse can become difficult, painful, or even impossible. With normal vaginal defenses down, urinary tract infection and urinary incontinence (leaking) become more frequent.

Of course, these “lack of estrogen” symptoms can be reversed by replacing estrogen. Estrogen cream can be applied to vaginal tissue directly. Alternatively, vaginal tablets or rings are occasionally used. These forms of estrogen replacement can be inconvenient. Creams can be messy. Tablets and creams require application several times per week. Vaginal rings usually do not interfere with intercourse but they can fall out easily in patients that have had prior hysterectomy.

A new, simple treatment became available in St. George about six months ago. It is called the MonaLisa Touch. It is a laser that utilizes the same fractional laser technology that has been used on exterior skin for years. I was skeptical when it was first introduced, but I am now amazed at the results.

The Mona Lisa Touch laser treatment involves 3 sessions separated by 6 weeks. Each treatment lasts 5 minutes and is remarkably painless. No anesthesia is required. Other than refraining from intercourse for 24 hours, there is no downtime or other activity restrictions. This treatment is safe for even those who have a history of breast or other hormone-sensitive cancers.

The laser remodels the vaginal connective tissue without causing collateral damage. The laser stimulates increased blood supply to the vaginal tissue. It reactivates previously dormant cells that begin again to produce elastic fibers. Natural moisture is restored to the tissue. The skin layers become thicker and healthier.

When I first learned about the ease of this treatment, I had a hard time believing that such a simple treatment could provide dramatic results. However, after seeing first-hand the quick and dramatic improvement of my patients’ symptoms, I am now a believer! 

My patients’ amazing responses are similar to those reported in the medical literature. Studies show that 91% of patients are satisfied or very satisfied with the results. In another study, 100% of patients treated for painful intercourse demonstrated improvement within 12 weeks. Significant improvement in vaginal dryness, itchiness, burning, laxness, and urinary incontinence is seen as quickly as 12 weeks after therapy.

My patients’ dramatic improvement in vaginal health has converted me from a skeptic to a believer in the Mona Lisa Touch laser. This is a non-invasive, low risk, high reward treatment for the vaginal changes associated with menopause. Patients with improved vaginal health have fewer urinary tract infections, less vaginal pain, burning, and dryness. There is significantly less pain with intercourse and improved urinary function. The vaginal tissue is again moist and elastic.

Improved vaginal health often translates to improved intimacy. Several husbands have initiated these treatments for their wives and both spouses have stated that they would do it again given the same circumstances. I have seen dramatically fewer urinary tract infections in my patients who have undergone MonaLisa Touch treatment, even those patients who were formerly receiving antibiotics almost weekly!

The MonaLisa Touch laser is truly a life-changer for women suffering the effects of menopause, as well as for those women who are treated for hormone-sensitive cancers. It is a fantastic alternative to vaginal estrogens. It is a safe, simple, and effective way to improve vaginal health. The Mona Lisa Touch laser is now available exclusively at St. George Urology. For a consultation to see if this treatment is right for you, please call (435) 688-2104. Restoring vaginal health is now REALLY that easy.

Dr. Gregory Taylor, MD

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